How do I book a hotel room that meets my accessibility needs?

Hotwire is committed to ensuring our customers have accessible accommodations while traveling. We have search tools that allow you to filter your search results and display only those that can accommodate specific needs. To do this:

1. Enter your destination and the dates you plan to travel.
2. Choose "Find a hotel" - The hotel search results page opens.
3. To see only hotels that meet your accessibility needs, select the amenities filter and the "accessibility options" link - the following will display:
  • Accessibility equipment for the deaf - This includes TTY for telephone, visual or flashing fire alarm, and vibrating alarm clock.
  • Rooms with accessible bathrooms - This includes hand-held shower, grab bars at the tub and toilet, and raised toilets.
  • Accessible paths of travel - This means the property has a path that is either flat or ramped, at least 36 inches wide, to and from the parking lot (if any) to the front desk and from the front desk to some or all of the guest rooms.
  • Accessible for the blind - This means the property has Braille or raised signage.
  • Handicapped parking spaces.
  • In-room accessibility.

This means the property has:
  • An accessible path from the room entrance to the window
  • An accessible path from the room entrance to at least one side of the bed
  • An accessible path from the room entrance to the toilet
  • Accessible hardware and minimal resistance to open the door
  • Accessible temperature controls
  • Accessible window coverings
  • Roll-in shower

4.Select the options that apply to your specific needs.
5.The hotels shown for your destination are filtered to include only hotels that offer the accessibility options you selected.

After you book, we’ll call the hotel to make sure they have a room available that can meet your needs and send you a confirmation email. If the hotel can’t meet them, Hotwire will contact you to make alternate arrangements. If Hotwire is unable to locate alternative accommodations that are acceptable to you, we will refund your original booking price. Hotwire cannot guarantee that a room that meets your specific needs with your requested options will be available.

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